bears look so silly and awkward when they stand up i love them so much


I’m starting to think straight people are a myth because whatever their sexuality I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t do Natalie Dormer if given the chance


do you ever just see someone that you’re close to and think about how out of the 7 billion people on the earth and the infinite possibilities life could have presented you with, somehow you were fortunate enough to have someone like that in your life

fangirl challenge  -  [3/10] male characters

  draco malfoy  “i can help you, draco.” “no, you can’t," said malfoy, his wand shaking very badly indeed. "nobody can. he told me to do it or he’d kill me. i’ve got no choice.


Reclusive Deity Hasn’t Written A New Book In 2,000 Years


me as hell ready for fall

Natalie Dormer photographed by Nick Kelly for Zink Magazine